William Liao

June 11, 2021

Baby steps

If you’re new to running and try to run a marathon, it’s unlikely that you will have the stamina and strength to complete it. 

Better to make sure you can run a mile (or less) first. 

If you’re trying to develop new software, it’s unlikely that integrating a million intriguing features are going to culminate into a cohesive product. 

Better to start with a handful of features that achieve the core functionality you’re aiming to provide (minimum viable product). 

When you’re excited about the work, the prospect of taking one giant leap after another towards your goals can feel exciting. 

But this approach doesn’t get you the top of the mountain — if anything, it will burn you out. 

A more practical way to get the top of the mountain is taking small steps. Of course it’s not any one step that will get you there — it’s the culmination of taking several small steps consistently over time. 

In summary: 

  1. Be patient — stop wanting things now. 
  2. Be consistent — take small steps every day. 

While these might not be the most exciting-sounding principles, they do guarantee one thing that taking leaps can’t: consistent progress.