William Liao

March 27, 2021

Begin everyday understanding this

Until you woke up this morning, there was really no guarantee that you would make it to today.

You made it.

Pause to celebrate that for a moment.

You will not get this day again and there is no guarantee that you will have tomorrow.

With this in mind, try to focus your finite energy on the activities and people that give you meaning today.

Be intentional about doing and saying what is on your heart.

And whenever you find yourself angry, anxious, or frustrated, ask yourself: is this worth my limited energy or would I be happier if I spent it elsewhere?

Really try to act as if the next 24 hours is all you have left in this life.

This is important because one day, perhaps without even knowing it, you really will have spent your final 24 hours on Earth among the people and things you care about. 

And the only way to avoid the tragedy of having wasted that day or any other part of your life is make it a habit of acting in a way that you do not regret.