William Liao

October 25, 2021

Change blindness

“The problem is you want to see the change happen now” 

That’s the sage advice that a director gave our team when we express frustration overseeing just a few people adopt a solution we’d just launched.

Change comes in many forms: 

Sometimes it’s easily observable, like a light bulb turning on and off. 

Other times change happens so gradually that you can’t perceive it or associate it with a precise moment in time.

In the case of the launch of our new solution, it was the latter: 

We wanted in days what realistically needed months of training & change management. 

If change doesn’t appear to be happening, ask yourself: is it because it’s really not happening, or because what you’re observing isn’t mapping to your expectations? 

Figure out how to recognize the former; be mindful of how you can manage expectations to address the latter.