William Liao

December 28, 2021

contentment without condition

You probably don’t have to look very far before finding past examples where you’ve implemented a variation of the following logic in your mind: once this event happens, then I’ll be content.

Once this project is finished, then I’ll be happy. 

Once I get this new job, then I’ll be relieved. 

Is there no a version of reality where you can be happy before the conditions you set? 

Is it not possible to be happy during a challenging project or before it? 

Is it not possible to be happy while you’re searching for a job? 

What law, exactly, would fundamentally restrict the possibility of happiness from you at any given moment? 

If it is you that can create the conditions for your happiness (if x happens, then I can be happy), are you not by that same token empowered to remove those conditions? 

Is it not possible to resolve right now to be happy in light of everything and despite whatever conceived conditions remain unmet?