William Liao

March 23, 2022

dancing queen

While on a walk the other day, I was listening to ‘Dancing Queen’ by Abba.

About 10 seconds into the song, I was reminded of one of the last memories of my dad where he was, well, dancing to ‘Dancing Queen’ as it was blasting from my phone’s speaker. 

Looking back, it’s not memories of projects or jobs that I hold closest to my heart — it’s memories made with people like this moment with my dad. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my work and in general, I think it’s important for everyone to find work that they love if they can. 

Nevertheless, it’s also good to remember that life is for making memories and some of the best memories are the ones we share with others. 

Make it a point to create memories with the people you spend time with — at work, at home… anywhere.

You’ll be glad you did it.