William Liao

April 20, 2021

Do what makes sense.

When you speak up for ideas that you believe in, you are not being a burden. 

When you learn that you are wrong and decide to change your mind, you are not being weak or fickle. 

When you choose to be transparent by communicating important information that others happen to not like, you are not being rude.

In all these cases you are simply doing what makes sense to do in order to stand up for your beliefs, and to be truthful and fair. 

If there is only one rule that you could depend on to live an honest and examined life, let it be to always do with courage what makes sense — especially in situations when it’s challenging to do. 

This is not an easy resolve to adopt, but it is perhaps the only one that can offer you a true and fulfilling sense of independence, courage, and empowerment.