William Liao

April 7, 2021

Duct tape etiquette

Duct tape can be a great tool for things like holding a package together during transit or temporarily plugging a leaky pipe. 

On the other hand, we generally don’t use duct tape to stand up our households or to hold our cars together because there is an understanding that in the long run duct tape solutions tend to fall apart and reintroduce the very same issues it was used to temporarily solve. 

If the problem is small and time-bound, then a cheap duct tape solution might be perfect.

If it’s long-term durability and sustainability that the problem calls for, then you should know full well that a duct tape solution is simply not robust enough. 

Part of being an effective solver is knowing what a duct tape solution looks like, and whether it truly meets the needs or not for the problem at hand.