William Liao

May 28, 2021

Failure and thriving

Even if you don’t get the job offer, you’ve gained valuable experience through the interview process. 

When your code doesn’t work, you improve your ability to debug when you fix it. 

Every time you try something and it does not go as expected, your understanding of how things work gets updated and you generally walk out of the situation wiser. 

Failure itself isn’t exactly something anyone strives for, but it’s also not something to be ashamed about, stigmatized, or feared.

Failure is a sign that you’re trying things,

and every time you try things, you learn — you get better at your craft, you develop good taste, and eventually if you persist long enough you get to a point where you’re able to create really valuable work that makes a difference for other people. 

So if you’re failing right now, don’t fret.

In fact, congratulations are in order because the flip side of your ‘failure’ is learning, growth, and a greater ability to thrive in life.