William Liao

May 17, 2021

Focus in practice

At any given moment, there’s probably at least 100 different things worth doing, but you can’t do all of them

And if you try to do them all, you end up accomplishing nothing despite putting in what feels like a lot of hard work. 

The only path forward for accomplishing anything is having the discipline as an individual, as a team — as a business — to pick a priority and to say: “In order to accomplish this priority, we will not be focusing on these others things.” 

That is to say that until your priority is complete, there will be: 

  1. No meetings about non-priority initiatives. 
  2. No communications about non-priority initiatives. 
  3. No time spent working on non-priority initiatives. 

It’s not enough to resolve to be focused, but you have to be specific about how you will put it into practice and then do it. 

And when you put it into practice in this way, you end up getting a lot more accomplished in the long run. 


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