William Liao

June 15, 2021

Going at bat

The term “going at bat” originates in baseball and refers to situations where someone substitutes for another batter. 

The term has since taken on a broader definition and is used to describe situations where support is offered to someone (or something).

Friends routinely go at bat for one another by offering social support during difficult situations. 

Great bosses routinely go at bat for their employees by fighting for promotions, raises, and benefits. 

Charities go at bat for specific causes and communities by raising money. 

The whole idea and spirit of going at bat for the things we care about — for our causes, our communities, our team members — is that we choose to act not because we have to but because we genuinely care and want to. 

What better aspiration is there than to find and engage things in life — the work, the causes, the colleagues, the relationships — that are worth going at bat for?