William Liao

April 26, 2021

Groove formation

Grooves are formed through a process of repetition over a long period of time.

The tracks that begin to form in the dirt after a vehicle takes the same path over, and over, and over again is an example of groove formation. Once the tracks become more clear, it becomes the obvious path for a vehicle to take with no deliberation required. 

For humans, grooves are simply the things that have become easy for you to do over time: 

Your daily routine, your habits — the manner with which you typically approach things is your groove. 

The good thing about grooves is that you follow them without thinking. 

The bad thing about grooves is that you follow them without thinking. 

For all the gains in efficiency you might get from running the same program every day, you also inadvertently close the door on the possibility of other ways to do work, to engage in relationships, and to enjoy life. 

All of this becomes the case for many people over time, yet many don’t realize it. 

To that end, it’s important to remember that the untrodden path is always available for you to take, where you can choose to disrupt your routine & entertaining new behaviors.

At best, you find a new groove worth forming that makes life a little bit more sweet. 

At worst, you go back to your ways of doing things. 

Yes, it is almost always uncomfortable to try new things, but what change worth making in life has ever been easy?