William Liao

April 23, 2021

(in)tolerance dynamics

Tolerance according to Oxford Languages is the ability or willingness to accept or endure something. 

When it comes to the question of whether it’s ultimately good or bad to be more tolerant or intolerant, the answer is it depends:

If you’re wanting to debate ideas in order to arrive at a good solution, then it helps to be at least initially tolerant to the ideas that others suggest. 

If you’re trying to diligently lead a company and implement your vision, then it helps to be a little less tolerant to ensure that your attention isn’t so divided that you are unable to implement anything. 

When it comes to self-respect and preserving the integrity of your core beliefs, it helps to be even less tolerant — or even just downright intolerant. 

Leading a fulfilling life, doing great work, and having meaningful relationships all depend on your ability to make increasingly better judgments about how tolerant it makes sense to be or not to be in any given situation.