William Liao

November 7, 2021

Leaps are really just...

Becoming a successful marathon runner starts with being able to run a solid mile. 

Becoming a strong powerlifter starts with learning the basic mechanics of each powerlifting movement. 

Becoming an effective project manager starts with learning the basic project management principles and applying them to progressively more complex projects. 

There's a recency bias when we look at achievement — it's easy to look at someone's advanced stage of capabilities and wonder how they were able to make such a leap. 

The reality is that most leaps are really just several small, deliberate steps in disguise. 

Whatever skill you're aspiring to develop, focus on moving one foot in front of the other. 

Start small. 

The journey will be much more enjoyable that way, and when the journey is enjoyable you're much likely to complete it.