William Liao

May 8, 2021


Leverage is the maximization of something’s value by utilizing it to solve more problems.

You’ve found leverage whenever you look at something that exists and realize “I can use that to make something better”

When you team up with others, you leverage each others’ capabilities to achieve something that no party alone could have realistically achieved. 

Companies that make wallets out of recycled material are leveraging waste products to generate goods & revenue. 

When websites ask you to verify that you’re human by spelling out words that you see or identifying specific images, the company’s need for security and your efforts were leveraged to train artificial intelligence

Developing the discipline of looking for and applying leverage is how you make substantial increases in your ability to solve problems. 

It’s how you save time. 

It’s how you achieve feats that seem impossible. 

It’s often how you make things a whole lot better.