William Liao

May 14, 2022

New Day's Resolutions

It’s more useful to think of a New Year’s resolution as 365 daily resolutions. 

In many cases, the first slip-up in the pursuit of a goal can feel like a pass-fail situation. And when we think we’ve failed for good, it’s very hard to get back up. 

Think about it this way: if your goal is to grow your knowledge by reading daily, how many days each year would you have to read to be successful? 

Would you have to have read all 365 days? What if you miss a week or a month, does that mean you failed? Of course not. 

Having a New Day’s Resolution allows you to make space for slip-ups that happen because you’re human. 

The one day you miss doesn’t discount the days you’ve shown up in the past and the days you will show up in the future. 

If you miss your target one day, you’re allowed to brush your shoulders off and pursue your goals in earnest the next day.