William Liao

August 7, 2022

no ordinary plant

My friend gave me a Philodendron Birkin plant a few months ago to put in my apartment. 

Initially, I was enamored by the beauty of its lush green leaves filled with white stripes, but over time I became used to seeing it sit by the window and eventually my fascination with it dampened. 

It became an ordinary plant — an ornament in my apartment that was effectively background noise on most days. 

For whatever reason though, I took extra notice of it today for the first time in months. 

I paused to scan its beautiful leaves as the morning sun cast a warm, orange glow on them. I thought “holy cow, this beautiful thriving plant didn’t have to exist… but it does.” 

Maybe this plant will go extinct in a century, who knows. But the point is that it exists now and I’m fortunate enough to witness its beauty in person.

This experience I had with a house plant can be had with anything around you, and you're guaranteed to be fascinated and humbled by the realization whenever it hits. 

On any given day, we’re surrounded by so many miracles that we can see if we just take a moment to notice them.