William Liao

March 26, 2022

not today, rabbit hole!

One of my biggest strengths is also one of my biggest weaknesses: once my curiosity is firmly set on something, I can shut everything out and focus on just that. 

Tunnel vision at its finest. 

When the ‘something’ in question is a high-priority project at work or in my personal life, it’s a huge strength. 

When the ‘something’ is trying to find the perfect place to eat on a Friday night, let’s just say… there are diminishing returns. 

To help me better leverage this character trait, I’ve started to ask myself before embarking on something: “How long am I willing to spend on this?”

If I know I’m about to work on something that’s important, then my answer might simply be: “as long as it takes.” 

It’s when I know I’m about to look into something that isn’t as important that I’m able to proactively prevent myself from getting into a rabbit hole by setting a time limit. 

If you’re susceptible to rabbit holes in the best of times and the worst of times like me, it might be worth regularly asking yourself at the outset: “how important is this?” and “How much effort am I willing to spend on this?”