William Liao

November 18, 2021

One step at a time

When a friend of mine was trying to quit a bad habit, she would go from being highly motivated to highly discouraged during moments of relapse. 

When a colleague was eagerly trying to secure a new job, he would occasionally find himself discouraged after reflecting on how many applications he’d submitted. 

When I was working to acquire new skills for a new project I’d been given, I’d sometimes find myself fuming in frustration because certain concepts weren’t clicking for me yet. 

Whenever you embark on a challenging endeavor, it’s normal to have moments of high motivation and moments of frustration or discouragement. 

Such is often the nature of difficult things. 

Trying to run a marathon is a hard enough act in and of itself — stressing about the occasional setback and/or how much distance you’ve yet to cover seldom helps. 

Instead of constantly reflecting on the journey, focus on moving one foot in front of the other — conquering one day after the next to the best of your ability.

Even if you stumble along the way (and you will)…

The steps will eventually add up. 

The days will eventually add up.