William Liao

April 7, 2022

quality distractions

Cheap Distractions are things we generally know are distractions.

Despite how glued our eyeballs may be to these things at times, there’s very little controversy around how much of an unwanted timesuck things like social media, Netflix, and YouTube can be. 

Then there’s Quality Distractions, the better-dressed sibling of Cheap Distractions

Quality Distractions are things that feel like practical activities to spend time on but aren’t aligned with your goals in the grand scheme. 

Reading the news, watching an insightful documentary, and fixing that appliance that’s been collecting dust in your closet might be productive, but what good are they really if they’re not producing what you care about? 

While we should be concerned about Cheap Distractions and how much space they take up in our lives, I’d argue that it’s Quality Distractions— the activities that pull us away from our goals that don’t feel like distractions at all — that we need to be more careful about.