William Liao

March 25, 2022


Self-contracts are a sacred agreement that you agree to be bound to once you make them with yourself. 

Unlike aspirations, the terms are firm and non-negotiable once the contract is set. 

Accountability & self-contracting are mutually reinforcing. 

By keeping an honest count of when you succeed and fail to maintain your commitments, the more serious and meaningful your self-contracts become. 

The more you establish self-contracts for the activities that are important to you, the more likely you are to hold yourself accountable to them. 

If you’ve never set up a self-contract before, try just setting one for the day. 

What activities today are non-negotiable? 

Is it time with family or friends?

Is it taking a walk? 

The empowering thing about this exercise is that it’s your choice — you get to pick what you will do no matter what. 

There’s power in that.