William Liao

March 19, 2022

setting intent

Most of the time, my schedule is dictated by a list of activities that I think will have the most impact on my priorities.

Something that I recently added to the list is a note on what my intent will be for each activity.

For example, one of my tasks was to meet with a friend. The intent that I wrote down was “be 100% present .” Because I defined this beforehand, I was able to proactively leave my phone in the car so that I could have a meaningful conversation without distractions.

See the difference?

You can do things half-heartedly and still get them done, but technical completion is not the same thing as completing something in a way that makes you feel like you did something meaningful.

It’s better to do a few things well with clear intention than many things poorly.

It's better to be effective than to be busy.