William Liao

April 26, 2022

stop chasing after the future

Some activities feel like stepping stones to some future state that seems better.

A difficult conversation with a friend or coworker might feel like something to “get over with” so that you can arrive at a resolution.

During a tough work week, Monday through Friday might feel like days to “get over with” so that you can arrive at the weekend.

Here’s the thing: when we treat these activities as means to an end, we become so preoccupied with “getting over with” them that we spend very little effort savoring our time or looking for meaning. A lot of our life gets thrown away in the process. 

To constantly chase after the future in this way is to believe that life is somehow waiting for us at the end of difficult experiences. 

But what if going through difficult experiences is life just as much as any other type of experience? 

What if you paid closer attention to the challenges in front of you instead of trying to shoo them away?

Would you not find even a single opportunity to experience meaning or fulfillment? 

Perhaps not all hardship can bring fulfillment and meaning. Yet, I contend that many forms can once we accept them as a part of living instead of obstacles getting in the way of living.

Stop chasing after the future lest you completely miss out on the present.