William Liao

June 17, 2021


The idea of subtext is that words and actions are sometimes driven by unstated motivations. 

Thanks to millions of years of evolution, subtext isn’t exactly rocket science — in most cases people are able to infer it.

For example, when someone reaches out on LinkedIn with a canned business proposal about how they can build a website for your business (true story), the subtext is that they’re probably less concerned with helping you and more interested in making a quick sale. 

On the other hand, when someone reaches out with a tailored message about how their services might be able to help solve your problem, the genuineness comes across. 

It’s really hard to disguise ulterior motives. 

A better way would be to pick motives that you’re proud of standing by like generosity and kindness. 

If you really care, it shows.

If you really don’t care, it shows.