William Liao

June 6, 2021

The discipline of pursuing novelty

Try new things.

Visit a city you’ve never been to.

Take a different route to work. 

Learn a new language. 

Switch careers.

Not because you necessarily have to. We rarely have to try new things. 

But because you can. 

Because you’re curious.

Because you’re capable of changing and thriving. 

Because trying new things enables you to learn and enrich your understanding of the world you’re in. 

You do not need to reserve change-making for those moments in time where circumstances necessitate change. 

The invitation to change is available to you anytime you’re curious to understand what else life might have to offer. 

One of the greatest ways to be intentional about seeing what life has to offer is developing the discipline of pursuing novelty

Yes change can sometime inspire fear and a sense of challenge, but what endeavor worth pursuing was ever easy? 

Be curious, embrace the challenge, and if you happen to not like the path you’re taking the best part is you can try something else