William Liao

June 25, 2021

The Expediency Fallacy

It feels good to get things done quickly. 

But it doesn’t mean we should try to do everything quickly

When you finish a deliverable on Friday, that’s one less thing to worry about the following week

When you get an answer to your boss today instead of tomorrow, it makes you look effective. 

But what if your deliverable is riddled with errors that will require days or weeks of additional work to resolve? 

What if…
the information you provided your boss was incorrect and she shared that information with other managers and team members? In addition to the negative implications that bad information can have on business decisions, there might be a long road ahead in terms of earning back trust. 

In most cases it’s better to set quality work & well-researched answers as the goal post despite the additional time it might take to get there. 

When you factor in the time it might take to deal with negative downstream effects & risks of creating more work that can come from expedient, lower-quality work — it’s not exactly quick anyways.