William Liao

October 17, 2021

The Harris Poll

Recent findings published by American market research and analytics company, The Harris Poll, revealed that one-third of Americans realized during the pandemic that they were mentally and emotionally stronger than they originally thought. 

Along with new-found strength, were other encouraging themes such as a heightened sense of gratitude, the discovery of “the things in life that really matter to [them]”, and the belief that stronger understanding/kindness/compassion for others will emerge as a long-term outcome of the pandemic. 

Suffice it to say, the unprecedented circumstances of the last year and a half have left us with some sense of positive change and encouraging optimism about what’s to come. 

Despite this, it’s reasonable to wonder: 

Will we slowly find ourselves rebounding back into old habits?

Will our newly-discovered priorities take a back seat to distraction (perhaps once again)? 

These are reasonable albeit somewhat passive questions. 

A better set of questions would be: 

What will you do to continue to cultivate understanding, kindness, and compassion? 

How will you ensure that you stay true to your priorities? 

Specific action is an active form of hope that helps us promote the best and prevent the worst.