William Liao

April 20, 2022

the moment

Everyone wants to wait for The Moment.

The Moment when the timing is just right. When everything makes crystal clear sense. When there are no inconveniences in the way. When we’re 100% ready

And as long as The Moment isn’t here, we allow ourselves to conveniently, comfortably, and confidently say “oh today’s not a good day, but for sure someday!”

Some things to consider: 

How big a chunk of a very short life are you willing to trade in anticipation for The Moment? Would it be worth it? 

What if The Moment doesn’t exist?

What if you’re not doing yourself the favor you think you’re doing by waiting for The Moment? 

What if it’s fear, more than anything, that wants you to wait because as long as The Moment isn’t here, you don’t have to make Hard Decisions or do Scary Stuff?

What if you accepted that imperfect timing, confusion, inconveniences, and resistance are a normal part of life? 

If you try sooner, fail sooner, and learn sooner, you give yourself exponentially more runway to figure out what you want to do with your life. 

Don’t wait; the best time is now.