William Liao

December 25, 2021

The story you tell yourself

Your project runs into a roadblock that will result in significant delays. 

Maybe you tell yourself that you’re the unluckiest person in the world; maybe you tell yourself that this is the perfect opportunity to learn. 

You receive a disappointing review for a product you’re selling. 

Maybe you cast a strong shadow doubt by telling yourself that you got into the wrong business; maybe you tell yourself that it’s just one person’s opinion and that it should be acknowledged but also taken with a grain of salt. 

A day has flown by and you’re exhausted. 

Maybe you judge yourself for not having enough energy to do more; maybe you acknowledge that you need rest like any other human and resolve to rest instead of burning yourself out. 

Much of the meaning you derive from life is based on the stories you tell yourself. 

And some stories are more kind and helpful than others.