William Liao

February 17, 2022

theory of constraints

The Theory of Constraints is a problem-solving methodology that involves identifying and addressing the biggest limiting factor getting in the way of progress. 

It is a pragmatic theory at heart, implying that you’re much better off focusing on solving one piece of a problem than several pieces at once.

You can apply the theory to your business, team, relationships… even yourself as an individual trying to achieve personal growth. 

The theory of constraints requires you to dance between two planes: depth— the narrowing of one’s focus — and breadth— the widening of one’s focus.:

To identify the biggest obstacle, you need to be able to survey the potential obstacles in your way — breadth. 

Once you’ve identified the biggest obstacle, you need to be able to focus the bulk of your attention on addressing it — depth. 

In this way, you will make the most progress towards your goal — or so the theory goes. 

How much progress you make isn’t determined by action alone, but also by how strategic and well-thought-out your actions are.