William Liao

August 5, 2021

There is no shame in resting

I was raised in an environment where I was encouraged to always be productive. 

Whenever I was caught idling, I was promptly instructed to do ‘better’ things with my time — like studying or reading. 

This mindset comes from a place of good intentions, and in some ways I’m grateful that it was ingrained in me.

That said, I also have come to recognize that the pursuit of progress can become an unhealthy obsession. 

There are still some occasions where I find myself unable to successfully take a break because I feel ashamed about doing nothing. 

In these instances, I have to remind myself that it’s okay to rest and the only person’s permission I need is mine. 

The mindset of hustling or getting shit done might make for a good motto (it’s certainly gotten traction with a lot of millennials), but most people don’t need that in their lives.

Engage when you have the energy to engage. 

And when you need to rest, give yourself full permission to rest. 

There is no shame in that, and you don’t need to justify anything.