William Liao

July 27, 2021

There's no switch for that

You can’t turn off anxiety.

You can’t turn on passion.

You can’t turn on a good culture. 

I often hear others suggesting to their peers and teams that they should just resolve to be less anxious, to be more passionate, or to be more cohesive as a team…as if these things could be altered at the flip of a switch. 

Sorry, but there’s no switch for that.

Most of the changes we care about making don’t have expedient pathways.

For those who find this to be a somewhat inconvenient truth, consider this: whether or not you choose to work towards making an enduring change, the same amount of time is going to elapse either way. 

So you might as well try, celebrate each day you show up work towards making a change, and embrace the change when it does come. 

And before you declare that you’ve been able to transform things over night, remember: 

Quick changes tend not to endure. 

Enduring changes tend to not be quick.