William Liao

January 28, 2022

there will always be work to do

Do you ever get anxious by the sight of growing or incomplete to-do lists? 

Have you ever found yourself at a dinner with friends or on vacation feeling overwhelmed with thoughts about unsolved problems and work left to do?

If your answer is yes, here are a few ideas that might be helpful to keep in mind: 

Firstly, you are definitely not alone. 

Second, instead of trying to push away your feelings, try welcoming them and acknowledging that the reason you feel anxious at all is because you care. Fighting your state of mind is draining; acknowledging it is pacifying. 

Lastly, remember that there will always be work to do. If you’re hoping to wait until your docket is completely free of responsibilities before engaging in other things you care about, understand that such a day never actually comes. In recognizing this, you might find it easier to give yourself permission to take a break from your work when you need to. 

Thank you for taking a minute out of your day to listen to this — I wish you happiness and an amazing life ahead.