William Liao

March 8, 2022

today with fervor

While on a walk this afternoon, I saw an 80- or 90-year-old sitting on a chair facing a pond.

For whatever reason, the scene was a poignant reminder of the aging process and the somber prognosis that it presents:

Over time, we have less energy.

Over time, our minds become less sharp.

Over time, moving around becomes more difficult.

And with these changes, the possibilities available to us shrink considerably.

With this in mind, there are at least two important takeaways:

The first is to take advantage of the tools available to you to prolong your health span — a term that describes the period of your life where you are generally in good health. These tools include things like exercise and doing mentally-challenging tasks.

The second is to cultivate an insane sense of urgency to speak your mind, prioritize important relationships, try new things, and take risks knowing that your health span — however long it may be — has an expiration date.

Do today what you can with fervor and gratitude because, one day, you won’t be able to.