William Liao

August 11, 2021

Tools are tools

I made a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago. 

I’m not proficient at capturing and cutting footage yet, so naturally I looked to other YouTube channels to try to understand how other content creators organize their content.

One of the most intriguing observations I came across was in the comments section of many of the videos I was watching: everyone was asking “what gear do you use?!”

On the one hand we are right to recognize tools as forms of enablement: a camera enables you to take photos and video, a brush allows you to paint. 

On the other hand, just based how frequently the question about gear was posed, there also seems to be a gross over estimation of just how vital tools are to the end product. 

A paint brush can only be so good, a camera can only be so sophisticated. 

What largely determines the quality of the work in most cases is the person painting or capturing the footage/image.

Worry about the tools less and focus more on creating — you will learn more in the long run, and it’ll show.