William Liao

April 15, 2022

untitled story

Periodically throughout life, we’re asked by our peers the strangely existential question: “who do you want to be?”

When my college counselor asked me this question during my freshman year, I felt for the first time an enormous pressure to have an answer. 

I responded with gusto, “a neuroscientist!” (spoiler: I dropped out of the program after a semester because it wasn’t for me). 

When in reality the answer was “I don’t know.” 

What I understand now that I wish I understood then is that “I don’t know” is a valid answer. 

I don’t know doesn’t mean that you’re lost, it means that you’re still exploring and discovering.

To know what you wish to do is just as beautiful and meaningful an experience as it is to be in the process of discovering what it is you wish to do.