William Liao

January 15, 2022

when will you decide?

“You will never be 100% ready.”

That’s the sage advice that my first boss gave me that has proven to be true time and time again. 

Most decisions involve some level of risk that cannot be completely accounted for:

Pivoting into a new career does not guarantee that you will thrive. 

Taking a new job does not guarantee that all of your expectations for it will be met. 

Speaking your mind does not guarantee that what you say will be well received. 

None of this is to suggest that anyone should avoid pivoting into a new career, taking a new job, or speaking their minds — quite the opposite. 

Once you understand that most important decisions require you to take a leap — to accept some risk — you can work backward and recognize the importance of asking yourself the following questions:

“What level of risk am I okay with taking in this situation?”

“What amount of information will be enough for me to make a decision?” 

Choosing when and how you will decide, and being able to accept less than 100% certainty is vital for moving forward.