William Liao

July 6, 2021

Why we market

When 4-year-old nephew was trying to float on his back for the first time at the at the pool yesterday, I noticed that he was terrified of getting his ears wet. 

After seeing the dread on his face as the back of his head started to approach the water, I told him: “when the water touches your ears, it’s going to tickle!” 

He smiled instantly in anticipation, and when his ears began touching the water he started to laugh uncontrollably. 

Not only was he no longer terrified of getting his ears wet anymore; he was looking forward to the laughter he’d come to expect it to bring. 

Like my nephew, everyone has an innate ability to adopt a different perspective and subsequently experience the world differently. 

This is why we make a point to tell stories. 

It’s why we market. 

Because seeing begets believing, and believing begets seeing.