William Liao

February 1, 2022

wishes for the new year

Today is the eve of the lunar new year. 

As a kid, my favorite part of the new-year tradition was receiving red envelopes filled with money that I would invariably spend on Pokemon cards. Yes, I am slightly ashamed to admit this. 

As an adult, I’ve come to better recognize and appreciate what the gifting of red envelopes symbolizes: a gesture of compassion signifying our wishes for the recipient to experience prosperity and good luck in the next year. 

I find this to be a nice complement to the Gregorian new year which in large part is characterized by the creation of resolutions to better ourselves. 

As we mark the beginning of the new lunar year, I’d like to express the following wishes for you: 

May the new year bring you good health and good fortune. 

May the new year bring you peace and happiness. 

And, if you’d like, I invite you to lift your friends, family, and colleagues up by expressing these good wishes to them as well.