William Liao

November 1, 2021

You do you (but be flexible)

Some people do their best work in the morning; others work better in the afternoon or even late evening. 

Some people prefer a narrow scope of work; others prefer more flexibility in their approach. 

Some people prefer to only check Slack and e-mail during certain times of day; others need to have their messaging applications on at all times. 

In the same way that people have unique personality characteristics; it’s normal for individuals to have a unique set of preferences that allow them to work best. 

If you compromise too much by contorting your work style in every way possible to meet the preferences of others, you will burn out. 

If you are completely uncompromising when it comes to how you work, you’ll burn others out. 

It would behoove any team aspiring to be high-functioning to meet somewhere in the middle, where each team member is transparent about how they work best, accommodations are made where needed, and compromises are made where needed. 

In summary: strive to be self-aware of how you work best, be transparent with your collaborators about this, and be flexible.