Erik van Mechelen

March 19, 2021

Help me be healthier? (I can't read ingredient labels)

Do you know anything about this???

I take zero medication, no supplements, only protein powder in smoothies (bought from shelf at Target). I'm 33 and haven't gone to doctor in 2 years for any reason (maybe I should go for standard checkup)... have good bloodwork, but that's only basic, not fully detailed.

I get good sleep, exercise (for fun) often, including swimming, running, racquet sports, soccer, anything, and have meaningful work (writing with clients and personal fiction), and good relationships and sleep.

I'm particularly interested in how to understand basic label reading... for example I know that supplements don't have approval from FDA... so I have to read ingredient lists, but I can't easily understand those nor understand their interaction with my body. Same goes for things like One-A-Day vitamins, which my wife recommends for nutrients...but I've been fine without all that for years.

However, I'm aware of the catastrophes of Big Pharma and Big Food for decades (if not going back to 1800s). We have a vegetable garden but also looking into hydroponics since we live in cold climate in upper midwest. Mid-term goal is to make sure as best as possible and within reason I'm eating quality food to continue living the healthy life I assume I am living.