Erik van Mechelen

March 25, 2021

Imposter Syndrome

Saw this on LinkedIn today:

3 reasons you struggle with imposter syndrome:

1. You're human. It's normal.
2. You're human. It's normal.
3. You're human. It's normal.

Don't let the imposter syndrome get you down. Everybody's dealing with it. 😉

So I responded:

3 more reasons you might actually struggle with imposter syndrome:

1. You've been programmed not to believe in yourself.
2. You haven't tried and failed enough to see you can improve.
3. You actually are an imposter.

If 1, shame on people who taught you that.
If 2, get out there and give things a go!
If 3, take your mask off, step aside, and give someone who passionately wants to do what you're doing a chance

Liz Willits I don't think you're wrong at all, you lit something up for me 💡