Erik van Mechelen

September 8, 2022

Two chihuahuas the Oracle wouldn't want to lose (Freedom is so beautiful only a poet can describe her)

In late Aug '22 when renamed Telegram channel to "Erik's Exploration," discovered gematria match was "Free your mind," locked in primary channel name.

Today when cat Frances (Freedom) went over garden fence, I went in search, bumped into the Oracle in the alley.

Oracle? One who prophesies. Because this woman reminds me of the Oracle in the Matrix. Though have not exchanged names before today.

The Oracle is smoking a cigarette, sun smiling on her through the hazy morning sky. (From fires burning in Cali?)

Introduce myself.

Say I am looking for Frances, which means Freedom, because Frances likes her freedom and is roaming the alley (fitting because before she came to us she was known as Alley Cat).

Frances pokes head over six-foot fence two doors down and asks where I've been (I could have asked her the same thing). Maybe heard us talking and climbed. Vest still on but one leg out. Leash attached but I don't like using it. (Trying to get leashes off myself for years.) Pick her off fence and pull rope over.

Just before I had said hello to the Oracle and exchanged names.

Introduce Frances to Keelah (which may mean either 'So beautiful only a poet can describe her,' or 'Beauty only poetry can capture,' or 'By the homeworld I hope to see one day' or something else since I guess at the spelling). Keelah asks if she can pet, Frances accepts.

Keelah asks if Frances was tied up (in backyard). I say No because I was reading and should have noticed her run for it (book was The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, where computer Mike is analogy to the well known Q, friend who said to read book is interested for me to compare).

Empathetic to cat, Keelah says she wouldn't want to lose her two chihuahuas. And in farewell, "Stay cool because it's gonna be a scorcher."

Water garden and grass.

Once inside, look up two chihuahuas. Top match hebrew = Gematria is the Major Arcana Concealed and Hidden.

Major Arcana are the 22 trump cards in a tarot pack.

Third match in English/Simple = The Simpsons

How does The Simpsons so often seem to predict?

How does the Oracle do same in The Matrix?

"Stay cool because it's gonna be a scorcher" top match to hebrew gematria = Remember Remember the Fifth of November. (V for Vendetta)

If I had two chihuahuas I wouldn't want to lose them either.

Nor Freedom nor my freedom.

Freedom is so beautiful only a poet can describe her.

By the homeworld I hope to see one day.