Erik van Mechelen

March 13, 2021

Weaving Conversations, Last day in Maui

The telephone rang this morning with an alert for more flash flooding possible today in Maui.

It has apparently been one of the rainiest weeks in about 40 years... claims like this are hard to substantiate. The rain hasn't bothered us too much.

The rain and fog at the crater summit prevented us from seeing in, and we had to adjust our Road to Hana plans by a few days, but otherwise the rain comes and goes like good and bad moods. There they are. And the earth should like to drink too.

Since coming over to Kaanepala (our first five days were in Paia), we've stayed at the Whaler, enjoyed snorkeling, whale watching, and a few cafes and happy hours.

It's also been quite pleasant and fun and human to have conversations with people from around the world, whether locals or travelers like us. The world has been shut down too long.

These conversations, smiles, stories, and laughter are part of what makes life worth living, and are a piece of the great thread weaving a day together into the next as each of us makes our way.