Yejun Su

September 10, 2021

👋 Welcome!

I'm a programmer in Shanghai, China, which is my hometown. I really enjoy living and working in Shanghai. “” The photo was taken in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park Work I use Ruby in my daily work and am interested in Elixir. I've contributed to several Elixir libraries and created a daily newsletter at my leisure time. Study I'm buildin...
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September 1, 2021

Workflows in my daily work

This is the last weekly sharing at my company. I mainly talked about how I handle Jira tickets. Principles 1. Focus on one thing at a time 2. Avoid start from scratch 3. Don't repeat yourself Focus on one thing at a time Notion and Workona are the cornerstones in my workflows. Every time I'm going to process a Jira ticket, I save it to...
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August 23, 2021

Thoughts on note-taking apps

Today I tidy up my digital things into three apps: Notion, Roam Research and Obsidian. In my opinion, they are not mutually exclusive as they have their own focuses: • Notion: write and publish, focus on sharing and coordinating. • Roam Research: my second brain, focus on summarizing and thinking. • Obsidian: save code snippets, focus ...
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