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January 13, 2023

death of a full-time voice actor, he couldn’t make it :belated: {Sunday Truth 105}

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With this energetic subject line and the overall positive energy that people have with their aliby New Year’s resolutions, and the quick realization that they will stay fat, poor, exhausted, and full of shit, am I opening the first {Sunday Truth} in 2023.

Happy New… who gives a fuck?!

Sure, my mood has been better, but I’m not shying away from being moody.

I just reviewed the year in My 2022 Annual Review and wrote My 2022 Integrity Report, and that’s the outcome of it: I’m not making enough money as a businessman, and my focus shifts, when I’m in love, to the person I love, because my desire to help her is greater than my desire to make progress with my own projects.

It’s then only understandable that 2022 ended with me being a full-time voice actor for 4 months with no income yet.

And then when you think it further, how 2023 could end, the headline could actually be:

DEATH of a full-time Voice Actor, he just couldn’t make it.

Luckily, death is nothing to be worried about because it would mean the end of suffering for you and everyone suffering with you because of you.

So, not making it as a voice actor and dying instead is good.

On the other hand, if death is the real threat that people seem to piss their pants about, how bad is sucking at being a voice actor really.

I mean, get some perspective, man!

It’s not the end of the world, and who gives a fucking crap about you, anyway.

So, lemme apply what what I concluded in My 2022 Annual Review:

  1. Have bullshit confidence.
  2. Stop giving a fuck!
  3. And the rest of the world believes you.

I call these the magic 3 steps.

And that’s enough from me.

It’s sabbatical and only did bullshit this week, including the writing of:

  1. My 2022 Annual Review
  2. My 2022 Integrity Report
  3. My 2023 Business Goal
  4. My 2023 Personal Goal

I will guide MOODyAlex™ to bed now so she can relax and die from a heart stroke at age 39 (“…he couldn’t even make it to 40”, right?)

Bye bye,

and lots of fucking love, fuck, Fuck, FUCK!

(I mean, fuck around, fuck people, and fuck you!)

Oh, and did I reach my personal and business goals for 2022? Here is the answer…

(to be continued after a short break)

It was 1.01 p.m. Eastern, here in the State of New York when I started writing the :belated: {Sunday Truth 105} to you.

On January 13, 2023 with -1 degrees Celsius (-6 degrees colder compared to Tuesday last week;)

hi, i’m building my dream Voiceover Ads YouTube channel as a milestone to my dream storytelling company, Susé Patrola. when done, i’ll move to Singapore 🇸🇬.

🥥 making money with voiceover is the only 1 thing i care about right now uga uga🐒

(back again)

Let’s review my business goals for 2022.

Did I leave the copywriting agency in September 2022?

✅ Yes.

Did I generate new voiceover clients and and build out my presence as a voice-over artist?

❌ I didn’t.

Did I make money with voice-acting?

❌ Nope.

Was my voice-acting income much higher than my agency income (~€1,000/mo)?

❌ It wasn’t.

Did produce bigger and better Susé stories?

Did I change my work-week structure from agency time (2.5 days), iian artist time (2.5 days), and Susé time (2 days) to voiceover time (3.5 days) and Susé time (3.5 days) by the beginning of September 2022, so that I will have worked 18 months with the seanwes media/DCM agency?

❌ I didn’t.

There was this crazy little thing called love that happened to me on July 16th, and it changed the course for the rest of year because I allowed it to happend, and I was happy to do so. But it meant a sacrifice for my voiceover business, and this lack of attetion to my voicover business is why I’m now in a dire financial situation (with €392.93 left on my bank account).

Did I produce a piece of weekly Authority Content on my YouTube channel in two versions, in German and English?

✅ In fact, I did. 93 smart and fun voiceover ads speak for themselves. But the intended type of content was not a collection of episodes featuring 1 question, 1 ad, and 1 answer.

Did I gain more subscribers on my YouTube channel?

✅ Yes, I did. I have 23 YouTube subscribers because I gained whopping +10 subscribers in 12 months.

Did I continue to audition for voice-over jobs occassionaly?

✅ Yes. I auditioned for 17 jobs (1x request via email, 2x Casting Call Club, 14x Voice123).

Did I send out my weekly {Sunday Truth} email where I would tell you about new pieces of content and whatever else happened in “Susé Land” in the respective past seven days?

✅ Yes. I sent out 52 emails to you.

Did I grow my email list as a desired side-effect of the continuation of my email newsletter?

❌ No, I shrunk my email list to 7 subscribers in 2022, from originally 31 subscribers to 15 before I made the transition from ConvertKit to HEY World.

Did the community help me reach my business goals through moral and mental support, by cheering me on and showing up in terms of achieving their business goals?

✅ Partially, yes.

That’s a ratio of 6x ✅ and 6x ❌. Not that bad, in fact.


Let’s review my personal goals for 2022.

Did I go on a 1-month research trip abroad in September (maybe Tibet, Nepal, India, or another island this time)?

❌ No, or maybe ✅ yes.

Because here’s the irony.

The 33-day December 2022 trip to Syracuse, NY was intended solely for the purpose of seeing her and giving our romantic relationship a last shot from my side. I invested €2.000+ to be with her for 33 days, including flight, accommodation, food, and extra baggage costs of €160 for the film equipment I brought with me. We then only saw each other in the 4th week out of total 5, just before the end of my presence there. So, with a little change of perspective I can say:

I did have my one month of traveling or being abroad or researching new territory, but in a different way than I would have thought: a love trip intended to see her shifted to a trip of learning about us, me, and the people I met in Syracuse.

The main difference to a desired research trip I prefer is that I had my computer, internet, and tech gear with me. A research trip the way I want it to be is when I’m offline for a month, OFF THE F-ing grid!

The other irony is: With the low balance on my bank account before my Dec trip, I never would have made a “research trip”, but because I love her so much I did. And that says a lot about the power of love.

Did the community help me reach my personal goal by sharing exciting travel adventures with me that inspire me where I could apply my research trip to?

✅ Partially, yes.


The one BIG conclusion for my 2023 goals is: singular.

One 2023 business goal.

One 2023 personal goal.

ONE Thing.

What is my ONE offer as voiceover artist? Voiceover for ads. That’s why you’ll see me use my ONE Thing campaign all over my “social” media profiles: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Mastodon.




Running an Ad? Here is your Voice! Fun 😂 Smart 🧠. I’m a voice actor for ads. I do YouTube, too.


It was also sabbatical week number 1 in 2023, so of course I didn’t produce any new ads. But I finished producing the ads that were already on the assembly line; but it happened on Monday (last week) already, so I told you about it in :belated: {Sunday Truth 104}.

I spent the rest of the time trying to enjoy my sabbatical week, playing ping-pong 🏓 with my two new friends here in Syracuse, NY, reviewing my year 2022, and writing my personal and business goal 2023, as mentioned above.

Having seen and experienced her for a couple of days (and sharing our mutual Christmas gifts for each other), starting on last Saturday, was for sure my highlight 🤩 of the week.

After my snowball misdeed on Dec 20th,

I only wished I could talk to her.

💫 Wish came true.

I then only wished I would see her again.

💫 💫 Wish came true.

And I never thought we would actually be shooting her film together, whether she will end up using the footage or not.

💫 💫 💫 Wish came true.

Now who said dreams cannot come true, hein?

I’m eternally grateful that I talked to her, saw her in person, and experienced her in action doing the thing that she’s been dreaming about since she was 9 years old and now been studying for one semester in this free new world she’s been living in: making films.

I’m proud of her.

Lots of love to you and her,

Bye bye,
- Alex (you can hire me for your next voiceover project)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. write drunk voiceover sober

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