Alexander Kluge

January 23, 2023

Heidi 🇨🇭 {Sunday Truth 107}

No money, no girlfriend, no job.

A huge bummer for my overall optimistic attitude.

But I have a roof above my head and enough food.

When you start the year at the lowest point, it can only get better, right?

I honestly don’t know what to do.

What I plan to do is:

  1. Sell my stuff
  2. Audition for voiceover jobs


Sometimes I wish I wasn’t as sensitive and emotional as I am.

But then I’m also thinking, “I can be as fucking sensitive as I want to be,” because what’s the point otherwise?

So, when I say “Heidi 🇨🇭” is not what you may think. It’s not another person, it’s her, only a different side of her, and something I thought of when flying back via SWISS Air.

I’m clearly still struggling to be detached from her,
and things seem to be hard.

Only when I’m doing sports, something physical, am I successfully capturing my mind’s attention onto the activity at hand. Sports is, therefore, like writing and listening to music, my third go-to healer for emotional pain.

But the last physical activity was on Wednesday, when I walked 5.1mi (8.2km) to the Greyhound bus station with around 40kg spread over 3 bags… with a little help from angel Mike that I had met 37 minutes before departure. Without his help, he was carrying my vocal booth bag, I wouldn’t have made it on time there. That’s why he’s an angel.

And before that, on Monday (Jan 16th) did I walk and ran a total of 25km. It was also the last that I saw her. The first time we met was online on July 16, 2022. The first time we met in person was on August 16, 2022 in a hotel in Dubai. Something about the 16ths.

Fast forward to Thursday where I arrived in Germany, and I felt, “Boring. Boring. Wanna get out of the country asap.”
And arriving back at my mum’s house, I felt, “This apartment is dead. I need to leave. Otherwise, I’ll die, too.” And that’s what’s going to happen. I’ll move out, and attempt to live in my 12sqm voiceover studio, also because I want to win some voiceover auditions.

But with me being sleepy on Thursday and Friday and then being sick since Saturday, there wasn’t any work I was able to do. I’m glad I was at least able to do finances (of which money, right? 🤣) and send you the {Sunday Truth}. This means the principal work or arch work for Sunday is what I got done - “arch” being the word of the week.

So, I’m sick and trying to recover fast so I can continue doing voiceover work.

Lots of love to you and her 🌸.

Bye bye,
- Alex (you can hire me for your next voiceover project)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. write drunk voiceover sober

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