Alexander Kluge

March 20, 2023

like watching YouPorn… :belated: {Sunday Truth 115}

sry, you caught me jerking off.

That’s why the {Sunday Truth} is late.

Actually that’s not true because it was late due to a new article I wanted to have published before I write to you (see below).

There was no jerking off being the cause of the delay.

You would’ve to have giant balls that would make you go from a few seconds to a couple of hours.

So, no.

But yes, it’s another one of those dubious leads that show my understanding of storytelling, and it’s more of a less properly done segue to…

Porn:soft porn.

But with better music (hard techno) and more of a human, non-ass-to-mouth touch and people’s willingness to have physical fun :D.

In other words…

Berlin’s KitKatClub.

A friend of mine celebrated her 30th birthday.

So she took her friends, invited them to join her for a few days in Berlin, and then we met – for the first time in 4 years. I talked to her friends too, which was fun and cool!

In-person is always a better thing to do.

Nothing trumps real.

Although a conversation with one of her dude friends was about virtual reality.

Lots of other things were talked about and overall the two nights I got to hangout with her and friends was my absolute pleasure:

One night more chill in a food place (Markthalle Neun) and bar. 

The other night harder and more labor-intense in the kinky techno club (KitKat), and that’s where you see the aforementioned “YouPorn” (but in Real Life) scenes.

KitKat Club was a real fun place.

If you want to try out something different, try KitKat. But have enough cash with you: 25 EUR was the entrance fee alone.

Thanks, my friend, it was great to see you live again. Next time, we could meet in Barcelona. We will see!

It was porn last week and porn this week as well.


If you can’t avoid it, you can always go all-in… (if you know what I mean)




(quick announcement)


It was 9:18 PM here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing the {Sunday Truth 115} to you.

On March 20, 2023 with 9 degrees Celsius which is the exact same temperature we had in the last {Sunday Truth 114}.

With we are producing Original Stories, Edits of third-party footage, and RAW snippets from great source material, like Joan Didion’s words on the role of the screen-writer in film-making.

Then I publish them on my YouTube channel.

That’s my way of saying, “I’m building my dream company.”

A company is a gathering of people with a common direction and companionship. A company is not a for-profit machine, at least in my version of a dream company.

Therefore, realizing stories, so people can consume them, is the end goal. Monetary bottom line or profit is not.

Producing stories is my goal, making money is not my goal.

Therefore, suse will need money, ideally from my Freelance Voiceover Income because if I can choose, which I can, I really don’t want to get a day job and finance suse through Day Job Income.


Here’s the thing:

I will lose all my freedom
if I take a day job.

And through a friend of mine, we defined June 2023 as the deadline 😵 until I’m going to want to have made a significant financial jump with my freelance income. Making €100,000 annually would be my dream (and €100k/yr are doable, mathetically). But that’s not what I’m aiming for right now. If I could make €1,000/mo regularly, that would justify my continued pursuit of the voiceover path.


Along the way, I’m trying to be a Stoic fortress without turning into a cold, heartless stone but rather trying to have 🥥 coconut fun uga uga 🐒 and slowly making my way to Singapore* 🇸🇬 and Peaceful Pacifica ⛵️, which is my way of saying the region that is east of Madagascar and roughly around the Pacific Ocean.

*though i have to consider that Singapore is a totalitarian state and being an artist there can be tricky…


(announcement over)




The week was weird.

Every day I went to bed at a different time.

My productivity was low.

But I got one thing done:

A filming set.

My plan is to promote my “Voiceover for Ads” service but I know that audio and still images are not going to cut it.

I want to stand out as a voiceover artist.

I need video.

I can stand out through video.

And I want crystal-clear white video.

I want Apple-style white video.

Because the commercials I’m going to produce shall look great in 4K video.

That’s why I got…

Obsessed by the idea of creating a “PERFECT” White Seamless filming set, aka: a YouTube video production space and voiceover production studio.

So I rearranged my studio.

(I’ll share how it looks now soon)

Originally, I wanted to use the natural light coming through the window.

But with glasses on and no money to pay for contacts in my eyes, this was not an option because the reflection of the light in my glasses was too much. And buying additional lights (I’m thinking of softboxes) was not an option either – no money for that.

I still like the idea, though, because it’s plenty of space (3–4 meters long, 1.50 meters wide, 2+ meters high) for full-body shots. We’ll see.

If I had…
  1. more space
  2. and more money

…I would totally go all-in on the White Seamless filming set.

But without space and money, another option would be:

Everything in my voiceover studio that has no function leaves the studio, including my couch/sofa and other things.

In terms of money, I will sell everything I have and don’t need anymore, including my old 48TB storage device.



My 12sqm studio serves 7 duties:
  1. Wardrobe
  2. Kitchen
  3. Tech storage
  4. Living room
  5. Bedroom
  6. Office
  7. Production studio

And I’m quite happy with the result.

On about 7sqm I voiceover, do non-voiceover work, sleep, eat, and chill. The other 5sqm is where my clothes and tech stuff are stored and where you can find my kitchen (a table, with kettle:water boiler, and a microwave). In winter and spring, I can use the window ledge as a natural fridge, sometimes even for 2–3 days:nights in a row, depending on how cold it is.

All of that to say.

Rearranging my studio kept me busy and restless on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


But necessary.

I now have a studio setup where I can video-record myself using my green screen with sufficient light, great acoustics (because it’s where I’m recording my voiceovers) and no problems with light reflecting on my glasses. It’s not the perfect setup but it works for me.

The proof how well it works will be a new podcast that I’ll be starting which is a fancy way of saying that I’m taking my “Voiceover Ad of the Week” series and creating video:audio version of my ad analyses for YouTube because they now allow you host your podcast there, finally!

Which also leads to me 2 things:
  1. i had a massive viral YouTube hit
  2. i translated my Voiceover Ad of the Week article to German

First the to-German-translated “Voiceover Ad of the Week 1” article.

I’m targeting German companies and production houses, so German articles make sense, too.


Now, my viral YouTube video!

Maybe he was right.

He = Ali Abdaal, who said:

YouTube can change your life, but you have to put out a video every single week for the next two years. (as privately shared in “{Sunday Truth 39} your 3-step marketing plan in 3 words”)

That’s 104 videos in 2 years.

Well, guess what?

I’m currently at 123 public YouTube videos in ~3 years, and the 119th video took off, relatively speaking.

🔱 Winner’s Mind: I VALUE MYSELF (2023)
is my 119th video that took off.

(Still Image from Video) 4K Descript Export 🔱 Winner’s Mind_ “I value myself” (2023.jpg

Last week it had 600+ views and 19 likes.

This week it had 3,380 views and 83 likes.

For me that’s viral!

Also, my subscriber count went up by 11 people: from 32 to 43 subscribers.



Now listen, this could all perfectly be coincidence, serendipity, or straight luck.

But on the other hand, who else, other than me, uploaded these videos, right?

So there is something like working your way to success and luck and, “the harder you work the ‘luckier’ you get”.

Something like that.

I want to qualify the statement by saying that my YouTube videos are all over the place. So, it’s not one type of category.

I have public YouTube videos about:
  • copywriting analyses
  • voiceover ads
  • snippets
  • stories

And the oldest public video on my YouTube channel is from Jun 24, 2020.

So there’s that.

On the flipside, when entering “Alex doubts himself” we have:

I just don’t believe it anymore!

The more I talk about being a full-time voiceover artist, knowing that I’m not making a living from it, the more I feel like a fraud.

When talking to people, I was even telling them that I don’t want to have a career in voiceover. It’s only one of six disciplines of my Original Story Production universe that I want to be decently good at, so I can judge future auditions of voice actors that I’ll be hiring for Story Productions.


That’s more of my whiny drama-queen side speaking. But hey, gotta give her some room too, right?

On a slightly brighter side we have a phenomenal song that Bobogee brought to me:

The sound is great!

The lyrics are great too:

I’m burning up all the obligations
And I’m gonna take a permanent vacation


In another life I was a bitch
In another life I was your bitch
And here’s how it turned out


In another life I was a fish
Now I’m sitting on the fucking dish
And I’m good enough for the main course
Even if I’m the one who’s paying for it


That’s all I got for you this week.

Have a jolly one and get the lolly of yours sucked.

(hey, i needed to close the {Sunday Truth} with a reference to the beginning–storytelling 101 taught me that; now grab a beer and do ya thang!)

Have a good one, and lots of love to you and her 🌸.

Bye bye,

- Alex (all i care about here and now is stuffing my digestive system and luxurious body with plentiful amounts of food so i can audition for voiceover gigs with oomph (!), build up my muscles, and work on my lil| empire with vigor!)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. wrute drink, oct saber

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