Alexander Kluge

February 20, 2023

making money while you’re sleeping {Sunday Truth 111}

It’s the dream, right?

You take a nap.

You wake up.

And you see money on your bank account.

Who wouldn’t like that?

202302201035 🔵 making money while you’re sleeping {Sunday Truth 111}.jpg

Me neither.

But that’s what happened on Wednesday evening.

I just got up from 10 hours of sleeping, with a long workday in my bones, and I saw 3 payments: €142.33, €56.46, and €527. Technically, one payment happened before I went to bed, but for story’s sake let’s stick to the three.

One payment came from a licensing deal I made, another came from the tax office, and one was debt that someone paid me back.

And that means I can live another month, doG bless!

Hoooorayyyy :))))




(to be continued after a short break)


It was 10:44AM here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing the {Sunday Truth 111} to you. 

On February 20, 2023 with +8 degree Celsius (+1.2 centigrade warmer compared to last Sunday/Monday)

My goal is to produce Original Stories through suse and publish them on my YouTube channel. That’s my way of saying, “I’m building my dream company.”The execution of realizing stories, so people can consume them, is the end goal, monetary bottom line or profit is not.

Producing stories is my goal, making money is not my goal.

A company is a gathering of people with a common direction and companionship. A company is not a for-profit machine, at least in my version of a dream company. Therefore suse will need money, ideally from my Freelance Voiceover Income until June 2023, because I really do not want to get a day job and lose my freedom. And I will lose all my freedom by June 2023, by taking a day job, unless I will have made a significant financial jump with my freelance income. Making €100,000 annually would be my dream and it would justify my continued pursuit in the voiceover path.

Along the way, I’m trying to be a Stoic fortress without turning into a cold, heartless stone but rather trying to have 🥥 coconut fun uga uga 🐒 and slowly making my way to Singapore* 🇸🇬 and Peaceful Pacifica ⛵️, which is my way of saying the region roughly around the Pacific Ocean.

*though i have to consider that Singapore is a totalitarian state and being an artist there can be tricky…


(back again)





(okay, it’s still another 2 weeks until the premiere, but you can see the thumbnail already…)

So that my YouTube channel currently looks like this:

As you can see clearly, I released Samira’s Persian poem in a Spanish, French, Italian, and German translation:

🇪🇸 Poem: Pactos Chocantes by Samira 🇮🇷

🇫🇷 Poem: Accords Percutants by Samira 🇮🇷

🇮🇹 Poem: Accordi Urtanti by Samira 🇮🇷

🇩🇪 Poem: Schmetternde Kontrakte by Samira 🇮🇷


I received a voiceover booking request, did my work, received great client feedback (see below), and got paid within 2 business days! Bada-boom-bada-beng - PENG!!! :))))))))))))

Then 3 catch-ups (one f2f on Thursday, one on Friday virtually, and another one on Sunday virtually, too).

Pretty packed week but joyfully so.

Have a good one, and lots of love to you and her 🌸.

Bye bye,

- Alex (all i care about here and now is enjoying my 1-week sabbatical from today until Sunday, with zero obligations, 100% explorations, and peaceful tranquility)

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning
p.p.s. wrute drink, oct saber

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