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November 14, 2022

{Sunday Truth 97} i’m going public “Ay Pee Oh” (IPO)

After 97 weeks of sharing my journey (of building up my dream story production company, Susé Patrola) via email only, I’ll start sharing my {Sunday Truth} emails now as emailed blog posts, pretty cool!

Thanks to HEY World can I blog by sending emails.

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(to be continued after a short break)

It was 02.01 a.m. CEST, here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing this message to you, me sitting in my voiceover studio.

On Nov 14th, 2022 with 6 degrees Celsius (-4.9 degrees colder compared to a week ago)

hi, i’m building my dream Voiceover YouTube channel as a milestone to my dream storytelling company, Susé Patrola. when done, i’ll move to singapore.

🥥 making money with voiceover is the only 1 thing i care about right now uga uga🐒

(back again)

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I’m not gonna lie, publishing to the web is VERY different from sending an email to my list, but I’ll get used to it.

Anyway, let me give you the summary of the week.

My Startup Week 97

Summarized in short sentences

1️⃣ I started a daily voiceover series.

In episode 1, a child stabs their parents. It’s some sort of monster, only because they allowed him to leave the house and go the army.

Right now I have written and voice-acted 5 more episodes, they’re in the Editing phase.

There will always be a German version of my Daily Ad; you can watch the German monster child ad called “Missgeburt!” on YouTube as well.

2️⃣ I’m now using Notion and I ditched Evernote (tweet).

💡 Quick mention of my word of the week: gossamer :: adjective ::: GAH-suh-mer. Gossamer means “extremely light, delicate, or tenuous,” and if I consider my face after a day of not having eaten anything and only worked, I’m tenuous AF!

3️⃣ The time with her has very likely come to an end, and I’m the saddest person the planet ;() ;() ;() although I’m trying to be strong and bury myself in voiceover work so I can distract myself and feel less pain. Earning trust is one thing, but battling against years of trained mistrust is another battle on a totally different level.

Summarized in paragraphs

Monday and Tuesday were funky because I helped her with uni assignments through the night until Monday morning 10am, resulting in getting up at 5pm (Monday) and 3.40pm (Tuesday). Part of me likes it though.

Tuesday was also when I published both the English and German version of “Monster” / “Missgeburt”.

Writing it and voice-acting was fun!

Wednesday is when I caught up with Swedish friend
Gustav, such a Swedish name, right? I also felt the urge to no longer redirect to my @naii Twitter but create a dedicated Voiceover homepage, and here’s the result I came up with, having worked on it from Wednesday to yesterday:

Pretty much every day ended with her (just for you to keep in mind), and Thursday was no exception including an emergency favor I did for her while she was in class.

There was more voice-acting Thursday, for Daily Ad 2 and 3, more time with her also on Friday, but with Saturday and Sunday becoming disastreously terminal days and still I was able to accomplish quite a lot:

  • ✅ voice-act Daily Ad 3 DE/EN
  • ✅ voice-act Daily Ad 4 DE/EN
  • ✅ write + voice-act Daily Ad 5 DE/EN
  • ✅ write + voice-act Daily Ad 6 DE/EN

Then from Sunday through Monday, I’ve making the transition from my email-only and ConvertKit-powered {Sunday Truth} newsletter to the HEY World email-powered blog, where everything I email to will be publish to will be publish on my HEY World blog:

I can’t feel my stomach anymore because it’s starting to itself from the inside… which sounds ugly and I believe a gastroscopy would reveal some crippling moves that could look like Bill Cosby dancing:


Lots of cos(b)y love to you,

Bye bye,
- Alex

p.s. adventure ⛰️ + i’m winning

p.p.s. write drunk voiceover sober

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