Alexander Kluge

November 20, 2022

{Sunday Truth 98} i give a voice to your text (hire me)

I can help you with your marketing as a voiceover artist and a copywriter.

I speak and write ads.



You can see my daily-updated portfolio on my YouTube channel:

Here’s my latest ad I’ve published today:
Watch 🇺🇸 Ad: Potato Couch!

The right path to a high-quality life is a sturdy, not too comfy, not too rigid Potato Couch PC1. Lose your health and disarm your immune system with the Potato Couch PC1.

German translation: 🇩🇪 Ad: Kartoffel-Couch!

You can send your inquiry here:

In the inquiry, I’m going to ask you:

  1. your name
  2. your email address
  3. your request: quote or direct hire?
  4. language: German or English
  5. accent
  6. budget
  7. due date
  8. a briefing of your project

Complete the 7+1 steps, and then we can talk about your project, voiceover or copywriting or both.


Do you use Adobe products but think they’re too expensive?

Do you want to manage your projects effortlessly?

Do you want to try a new way to make videos? Give Descript Pro ($30) a try and pay nothing for 30 days or even longer.

I’ll tell you about it after the break.

(to be continued after a short break)

It was 01.17 p.m. CEST, here in Berlin’s former Russian sector when I started writing to you.

On Nov 20th, 2022 with -0.4 degrees Celsius (-5.6 degrees colder compared to a week ago; we had our first snow ❄️)

hi, i’m building my dream Voiceover YouTube channel as a milestone to my dream storytelling company, Susé Patrola. when done, i’ll move to singapore.

🥥 making money with voiceover is the only 1 thing i care about right now uga uga🐒

(back again)

An Adobe Illustrator alternative is Affinity Designer.

An Adobe Photoshop alternative is Affinity Photo.

An Adobe InDesign alternative is Affinity Publisher.

And Affinity is now offering a ridiculous 40% off for all 3 apps:

(that’s €119.99 instead of €199.99)


Basecamp is my favorite project and life management tool.
I pay $99/mo (or $999/yr), and for new customers like you, potentially, they have a new pricing model of only $11/mo/user, which is a ridiculous saving for me, if they decide to offer it for existing customers.

Even better, for a limited time, if you sign up at Basecamp before December 31, 2022, your first 3 users are entirely free, on us, for your first 12 months.


Try a new way to make videos with Descript Pro ($30). If you’re a subscriber to my {Sunday Truth} emails, just reply to the email and I will send you a code that will give you Descript Pro for free for a month.


My Startup Week 98 (summary)

I was productive.

I uploaded 10 new YouTube videos in the past 7 days, five in German, five in English.

See below the five English videos, check them out:

I also wrote and voice-acted another ad in both German and language, I’ll be editing that soon, and I attended one voiceover audition on Voice123.


This year I had no one-week sabbatical every 7 week, up until now.

Normally, a sabbatical week is when I’m free from obligations and appointments, but I didn’t make it happen this time. It’s been 18 months without them, and I want to get back into the habit.


There was interaction with her, but it looks grim right now, which is an obstacle but not a reason to give up.


Finding a pair of barefoot water-resistant winter shoes kept me busy. After having gotten tired of researching winter boots, I went ahead and followed my impulse to buy the brown-leather Xero Denver winter shoes for €128.00 plus €7 shipping to Germany.

I like them because they look suitable for urban endeavors but also rugged enough to endure a good hike or two.


I had the pleasure to catch up with Japan and East Coast U.S., both interactions of which I enjoyed a lot. I know long-distance friendships can be hard, so can long-distance romantic relationships, too.


I’ve released 12 ads (6×2) so far on YouTube, and I started publishing daily on Tue, Nov 8, 2022. It means I’ve been catching up with the days I missed publishing:

My Startup Week 98 (summary) Ads published this week - Safari Screenshot 2022-11-20 18.14.09.jpg

It feels good to be in the habit of delivering regularly and seeing the progress I’ve been making in terms of shipping.

If I publish 3×2 (six) ads daily starting tomorrow (Monday) until Thursday, I would have caught up: Ad 7–9 (Mon), Ad 10–12 (Tue), Ad 13–15 (Wed), Ad 16–18 (Thu).

Ideally, I would like to be one day ahead of my schedule and preproduce. We’ll see how that goes.


Speaking of schedule: I haven’t been writing much about my plans for building my story production company, Susé Patrola. As much as I wish I had a timeline for Susé, I do have none. Doing my voiceover work is honestly the only thing I care about right now, and the rest will follow (naturally).

Lots of love to you,

Bye bye,
- Alex

p.s. adventure ⛰ + i’m winning

p.p.s. write drunk voiceover sober

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